Monday, March 25, 2013

Enrapture Restaurant and Bar

Hospitality Design
Enrapture Restaurant and Bar
Pacific Palm Marina Resort, Pacific Harbour, Figi

Through simplistic design and use of natural materials that are true to Fiji, we created a freeing and rejuvenating escapade, while still having integrated romantic elements for the couples that visit the resort. The way that each space interacts with one another will bring the guests to a new state of mind, ones that combines excitement with curiosity for what is to come.

Floor Plan:

Site Plan: 

Treehugger's Cafe

Hospitality Design
Treehuggers Café
206 Walnut St. Suite A, Chico, CA

My goal was to create a space that is full of life, but remains simplistic. This coffee shop will have sustainable features, from natural lighting and materials, an energy-efficient roof, 
water-conservational landscaping, to the local, fair trade and organic coffee that is to be served. It will attract the earth-friendly and health-conscious student and ordinary 
consumer, as well as curious people who want to learn more about sustainability and enjoy a relaxing environment. This coffee shop will be a way to promote conservation and influence sustainable living, 
all while serving tasty drinks and pastries.

Floor Plan:
Site Plan:

Monday, February 11, 2013

Corporate Studio: C4 Office Design

Corporate Design
C4 Inc.
 Advertising Agency in South San Francisco, CA

The design of C4’s office space embodies sustainable, contemporary, and simplistic design features, 
which not only help create an aesthetic workplace for the employees but also appeal to the 
company’s eco-friendly clients.

Floor Plan:


Conference Room:CEO's Office:

Creative/Collaborative Room:

Residential Studio: Kitchen/Patio Rennovation

 Residential Design
Kitchen and Patio Renovation
3160 Shallow Springs Terrace, Chico, CA

This high-end residential house in Chico, CA, sits right above the Canyon Oaks golf-course and with its large, open great room, has beautiful views of the adjacent landscape and Bidwell Park. For this kitchen and patio renovation, I primarily wanted to connect the interior atmosphere with 
the home’s surrounding environment. The design of this welcoming kitchen brings the outdoors in with its natural colors and materials, simplistic design features, and luxurious touches.

Floor Plan: